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Duhamel Logistique / Overview

The Duhamel group was founded in 1965. Its logistics business really started in 1997, with the arrival of Hugues Duhamel, the founder’s son. The business started with a warehouse of 6,000 sq. m, 4 employees and three customers in the region.

19 years later, Duhamel Logistique has 9 warehouses (including 1 in the Var region of France and one in New Jersey), 160 customers worldwide and 145 employees. Between 2013 and 2015, the company doubled its turnover, its number of customers and employees, opened 3 new warehouses and became a major player in proximity logistics services.

Our business lines :

We provide our customers with a stock management service, packaging, order preparation, management of hazardous materials and shipping within France and abroad. We provide luxury product, e-commerce, industrial logistics and co-packing logistics services.

Key figures :






sq. ft of storage space


€ million turnover in 2017


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