Our services

The Duhamel Logistique IT department is divided into three activities.


Our developers are responsible for

Adding new features and enhancements to our EGO software.

Developing specific programs to meet the needs of our customers.

Level 2 Response for the Customer Support department.

Customer integration

Supporting customers in their integration process with the implementation of tools to manage their business

The Web Platform called EGO Net.

Implementation of EDI flows to interface with their computer system.

Customer Support

Telephone support, email and ticket processing for our internal customers (Duhamel Logistique warehouses) and external customers or partners.

This activity is based on an ITIL-compliant helpdesk system, enabling good traceability of the problems, and providing a quick and permanent solution.

EGO software suite

The EGO Suite is a Warehouse Management System (WMS) for managing the logistics activities in a warehouse.

The logistics data are also archived for 2 years and accessible at any time in EGO. They remain confidential and are included in the backup policy for Duhamel Logistique data.

EGO consists of various modules, the main ones being:


  • Manage the stock.
  • Receive goods.
  • Implement order preparations.
  • Monitor work using dashboards.
  • Check traceability.
  • Enter orders and track them.
  • Track the movements of their stock of goods at Duhamel Logistique.
  • Check their stock of goods at Duhamel Logistique.


Transport management system with labelling of packages and exchange of EDI flows with carriers.


Management of EDI flows of transport monitoring type. As soon the label is placed on the package, this flow can be used to retrieve the tracking number of the order and integrate the subsequent status of the package in the transit phase.


Web platform allowing each customer to: - Enter orders and track them. - Track the movements of their stock of goods at Duhamel Logistique. - Check their stock of goods at Duhamel Logistique.


Management of files exchanged (EDI flows) with our customers and partners to exchange information on the items, orders and all the exchanges of logistics-related data.


On-board module enabling access to the EGO suite. It is used to receipt goods, prepare orders and manage stock.

EDI flows

They are used to interface our EGO system with that of the customer or partner.
Each EDI has its place in the supply chain, as shown in the attached diagram.
A typical example is the sending of orders by the customer (ORD flow) and the receipt of shipping confirmations (SHI flow).

Here are the formats supported at Duhamel Logistique (it is a non-exhaustive list of, our strength lying in our ability to adapt to each customer's needs):

  • CSV or TXT file with separator ";"
  • Excel file
  • XML file
  • International standards (EDIFACT, ANSI X12)

These messages or files transit on transport media for the exchange between systems. Here is a list of the media most frequently used:

  • FTP server
  • Email
  • Webservices
  • HTTP with certificate