Our vision

We make people the core of our organization: teamwork, recognition, promotion, communication and mutual aid are our watchwords. The size and flexibility of our company’s organization ensure our employees are secure in their jobs, versatile and empowered.

Our 170 employees have a special responsibility in supporting our customers and helping them to manage the flows of their products worldwide.

Through the diversity of their business lines, the women and men employed by Duhamel Logistique transform everyday tasks into personal challenges.

Our company is committed to equal opportunity, including providing young people with their first jobs. We recently joined the 100 chances, 100 jobs network, which enables young people alienated from the workplace to be sponsored by companies who help them find a job.

The wealth of our business lines

The growth of our company and the wealth of logistics business lines mean we can provide our customers with a complete range of services. To do so, we invest in skills development and internal mobility, providing real career prospects for each of our employees.

Our commitments

We want to give each of our employees the opportunity to evolve and develop. We empower each of our employees on an everyday basis, and 70% of them are trained to ensure their employability